Tuesday, October 6, 2009

kind words

I was surfing around on the web the other day and I came across the blog of one of my {future} brides. We just did their engagement session a couple months ago... {you can see some of my favorites a few blog posts down - Emily and Chris}. Anyhow... She had blogged about their e-session and I asked her if I could share her {so very eloquent and so very kind} words. Here they are as taken directly from her blog...

"When we interviewed millions of photographers, there was a reason behind it. The below photos say it all. We didn't want to sit in any weird or "hoo hoo formal" positions. We didn't want to be tied up in suits and strings like puppets in a 2 man show. So this is what we ended up with...timeless photos, so natural, and one heck of a memory filled with fun.

Right before we left for the e-session I remember it feeling just about 100 degrees out. It was hot. It was going to get sticky and sweaty. I was a little nervous. Did I really want to have someone take zillions of photos of me, in the heat, of me and my most favorite -- capturing our intimate looks on film...and could it be done?

But once we got in front of the camera, against the brick walls and inside of the old window frames, my perception of what could be and what was - was well, completely different. And boy, our photographer is what I call a rockstar.

I won't forget the tickling that ensued almost immediately, as we leaned against the brown wood and red brick background. We laughed, my mouth open in so many pictures because I couldn't contain myself. The sheer joy on our faces. The raised eyebrows and the way that the Boy can almost completely wrap his arms around me twice.

I love the angles, and the raw edges, and the light.

And when we got in the car after having 400 photos taken of us, we both looked at each other and knew we had done good...and had TONS of fun. In fact, it was the most fun we've had during this whole process. We just played. We were just ourselves.

Now when we are old, and gray haired, and sitting in the little rockers looking out at the mountains we can no longer physically climb, we will look at these photos. We will remember when the Boy could easily sweep me up in his arms and lift me. We will remember the laughter, the jumping, the young spirits. We will see us."

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