Friday, September 18, 2009

{Mandy & Matt}

I'm in West Va gettin' ready to shoot the wedding of my friends Craig and Noell and I am one sleepy girl, so this is gonna be light on the jibber-jabber... but before I hit the hay, I have to share a few from a wedding at the Buckhorn Inn in Gatlinburg at the end of August. I brought along my laptop and finished up a few blog photos in the car on the way up here because I know they are dying for a sneak peak.
Matt and Mandy are actually both from the mid-west, but they love the mountains... so they dragged their entire families and all of their best buds down to the Tennessee hills for a a really nice weekend. I had absoutely NO CLUE that a place as cool as the Buckhorn even existed in the area around Gatlinburg, so I am so glad that they introduced it to me. This pic was taken during the reception... Is the insanely gorgeous, or what??

Some last minute table adjustments between the bride and groom... without seeing one another, of course.

a couple of my favorite details... LOVE the chucks.

and...immediately after finally seeing each other...

A few cool shots of Matt and Mandy...

Mandy was really fun to shoot... she has a really cool, laid back vibe and a really unique look that I loved.

I love, love both of these group shots...

The ceremony was inside the Labyrinth on the grounds of the inn. It was such a unique place to hold a ceremony... but so fitting.

Mandy and her dad.

I can't resist kiddos playing with light...

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