Friday, August 28, 2009

{Ashley & Derek}

So, few words make my heart flutter like "on a farm." I dream about weddings like one. A big barn, a tent, a gorgeous bride, some horses, some hay bales, an antique John Deere and the most fun wedding party I could possibly imagine. We had an amazing day playing with all the farm had to offer... It was a little warm (ok, it was sweltering), but Ashley, Derek and their wedding party were so cool about it... and they seemed to be having just as good of a time as I was.
The details of this wedding were so great! I'm normally not much of a detail gal, but I just couldn't help myself!!!

just. glorious.

Ashley and Derek had the sweetest families... and i loved this of Ashley and her grandmother...

...and this one too looking through her parents shoulders during the ceremony...

So, I had to put this one in... How much do I love a bunch of groomsmen saying "I don't know what to do with my hands?" I always break out a little Ricky Bobby and I think this is the first group that ALL got my joke... well, all but the guy on the right. ha, ha.

Who doesn't love a tractor?

Or a big blue sky?

So during the first dance... I realized the sun was going down on the other side of the tent and I got these pictures with some seriously delicious light... Love it!

Ashley and Derek are gonna have some gorgeous kiddos one day for me to take pictures of...

Ok, ok... I realize that this picture is in one of the collages above... but you've gotta see it big so you can see the faces of these crazy boys... best. jumping. picture. ever!!!! I do believe the guy on the far right thinks he is auditioning for the Russian Ballet... and Oh, how great he would be.

I loved every minute of it Ashley and Derek!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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Dennis & Kathy Irwin said...

Jennie -- These are some of the greatest pics I have ever seen!!! Thanks for capturing such a great day!!
Derek's aunt