Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A girl's gotta have a little vacation every now and then. I'm almost exactly half-wa through wedding season, so this was a perfect time to sneak away. I thought I'd share just a few shot snapped in and around downtown Chicago. Best city EVER!

We picked the right weekend to be in Chi-town. The Venetian nights festival was Saturday night and before the festivities, Ronnie Renner set up to break his own world record on the quarter pipe. I know absolutely nothing about this sport, but I gotta say, it was pretty cool watching with the Chicago skyline in the background.

We stayed in the building with the "Harrison" sign on top.

A little mid-afternoon rainstorm...

Never-ever put Ketchup on a Hotdog.

On weekend nights, a live band plays in Grant Park and they offer free dance lessons followed up by two hours of music to practice your new skills. LOVE it!!

Fireworks over the skyline.

I think I may have to frame this picture of my lovely husband.

I know i may look happy here, but all that was separating me from 103 floors to the street below was 1.25 inches of glass. It was all I could do to take the first step out there. I'm feeling queasy just writing about it.

And then, a view from the ground up...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kelly & William

Here we go... fastest blog ever! My husband and I are headed off tomorrow morning bright and early for CHICAGO, so I'm ready to hit the hay... but not before I share a few pics from Kelly and William's wedding a few weeks ago. Could I love Kelly any more? She was the cutest thing ever, and their wedding was so sweet... Enjoy!

She wasn't excited at all... ;)

a little James Dean moment...

Kelly spying on William just before the ceremony...

Kelly and William washed each other's feet during the ceremony. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen at a wedding.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This and that...

Hello out there in blog world!! I'm still alive, and I hope I still have blog stalkers out there after this ridiculously long absence from blogging. When I've got clients waiting on pics, the blog is the last thing on my mind. So, this is gonna be the most random blog post ever!!! Babies and e-sessions and families and weddings and bridals. Hopefully, in the next week, I'll have time to do some full-length blogs because I have ALOT of great stuff to share... but for now, this is gonna have to do...

The Lester Family - I shot this sess awhile ago, but just haven't had a chance to blog it... The Lesters won the awesome photo package that I donated for the Fantasy of Trees Gala silent auction last year and that I'll definitely be doing again... They were such an adorable family...

A couple quick shots from a recent wedding at the Gap... Don't worry, I'm planning on a full blog of this one tomorrow...

I shot Kaityn's senior sess a couple weeks ago and I'm so excited because I've got a few of her friends in the next couple weeks... is she a beauty or what?

My mom's best friend lives in Korea and she and her daughter Sejin were in town for a few weeks this summer, so mom asked me to do a session with Sejin in downtown Knoxville since she grew up here and is a total "Knoxville Girl."

My favorite family in the world... You've seen Mr. Finn a couple times by now and there will defintely be more to come with this one.

He is such a doll... his mom is prayin' those eyes stay baby blue.

An e-sess between sunflowers and the old city. I'm hoping to blog this entire sess too.

And finally, just one shot from my bridal with Susan, who is getting married TODAY!!! I've got tons of pics from this session I want to share, but I'll keep it light for now.