Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Josh and Melanie

Dear blog,
It has been so long...
But, believe me, this one was is worth the wait! I'm too busy to ramble on today (i know, i know...thank goodness), so this one is light on talk and big on pics!

So, this is actually kinda three sessions in one... I shot the wedding first and we talked in advance that the best bet for their timeline was to get together after the wedding for pictures of them... So at that shoot we did some casual shots with their *so cute* doggie Dakota and then got down to business.

You know its gonna be a fun night when the groom starts it off with some break dancin'

This next shot is one of my favorites... notice the fishies in the water... how cool is that? And no, this is not some crazy destination in the Caribbean (I wish)... Unless, of course, you count South Knoxville as a crazy destination.

Melanie has a dancer's body and was so graceful in the water... love this!

And seriously... how many grooms would want in on this action? I loved me some Josh... he was up for anything.


KjKirby said...

Great pics! Where was that "crazy destination" in South Knox with the green water? Gorgeous!

carlybish said...

Wow! I'm always super envious of people who find these clients who are up for total adventure! Way to go! Was this a "trash the dress" shoot? I want to assume it is, but some people, you just never know! ;)

Jennie Andrews said...

it didn't start out as a "trash the dress." Just a regular "day after" shoot... I mentioned how much fun it would be to go "all the way" and turns out they were up for it! They were a totally fabulous couple to work with and I am so, so lucky.