Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amber and Neal

I love me some Amber and Neal. We did their e-session last fall and the wedding was last weekend at Butterfly Gap. I swear that they must be the luckiest two people in the entire world! It rained all day and we were all convinced that the wedding was going to have to be inside (the weather channel showed horrible storms headed our way), but with 10 minutes to go until the ceremony started... the rain disappeared and the sun even managed to peak through a little. No rain anywhere the rest of the day. There wasn't enough time to move all the chairs, but they were so laid back, they just had their guests stand for the short ceremony. I love it! Go with the flow.

I'm gonna start with a couple of my favorites of Amber. I think this first one is so super cool...

I seriously can't get in a single butterfly gap post without using the blue wall... its just too rad and I always end up with a few pics in front of it that I love, love.

a little something different...

So, this was one wild groom! within minutes of seeing each other for the first time, he had already thrown her over his shoulder and gone for a little jog... He cracked me up!

love it... don't know why... i just do... so there.

Neal could behave himself for about 30 seconds at a time. We'd get in a few sweet shots and then before I knew it he would be making a ridiculous face, throwing Amber around or biting her head...

stylized... but I really love this one.

perhaps my favorite of the day! I knew I loved Amber the first time we met, but I fell in love when right before the ceremony she had to use the bathroom and I said "can I come" and she didn't hesitate for a second with "yeah, of course!" And here is the result... How funny is this?

Joyful moment after the kiss during the ceremony. Love her face.

Their wedding was (pardon the upcoming pun) crawling with kiddos and Amber and Neal were so good with them! I think this is adorable.

They totally win the prize for the best garter removal of the year (so far, ha, ha) The person on the right with his hands over his eyes and his back to the camera is Amber's dad. Hilarious!

And just to prove I'm still smiling after 10 hours...

Later, gators!

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