Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lorin and Chris

Lorin and Chris booked me this winter for their wedding in August. They are getting married in Morristown, but for the E-session, they wanted it to be all Knoxville. So we hit all of my favorite spots... from Krutch Park to back alleys to the Tennessee Theatre....
From Jennie Andrews Photography

From Jennie Andrews Photography

From Jennie Andrews Photography

On the steps of the history center. I really like the posters in the background and Lorin is cracking up 'cause I'm trying to get Chris to jump off of the steps... that's a "you've gotta be kidding" look he's got on his face...

After we finished up downtown, I dragged the two of them to one of my absolutely favorite places to shoot for some gorgeous solar flare pics. I'm so happy about green grass!! By my next wedding on April 18th, the trees are going to be totally green and the flowers in bloom and I am so psyched!!!

So, these next two are so my favorites from this session, I just couldn't decide which I like better...the silhouettes...or the one in which you can see their faces. They both are cool in their own way...

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