Friday, April 17, 2009

Kelly and William

So Happy, Happy, Happy that spring is here!! That means engagement sessions, weddings and seniors galore!!! Stay tuned cause its going to get a little crazy around here and there should be plenty of eye candy with photo updates at least once or twice a week! I'm shooting Kelly and William's wedding at Butterfly Gap in June and I am thrilled that we managed to sneak in an E-session. William is in school in Montana, so he is only here just for short holiday breaks.
We headed up to the mountains to start out and then finished up in downtown Maryville.

We basically spent the time in the mountains just running around in one of my favorite fields... I love this pic of Kelly throwing her head back laughing.

Any photo with great movement is high on my list. I just think movement captures joy in a way nothing else can...

Sometimes I just like to mess with people!! I told Kelly and William to get as close to kissing as possible without touching.... I just like to see how long folks will do what I'm asking no matter how hard... Giggling typically follows :)

We all know how much I love those shadows...

I had a blast Ya'll and can't wait to do it again so, so soon!

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