Monday, April 20, 2009

Jessica and Will

Man, O, Man I had a fun weekend!!! I love a casual, fun, fun, fun backyard wedding. I don't think I quit laughing for five minutes the entire day. What more could a girl want... a gorgeous spring day in a perfect garden, a beautiful bride, 10 super-fun (and adorable) bridesmaids, and 12 ridiculously funny groomsmen (Will included)? NOTHING!!!

For some reason this is one of my favorites of the day... taken as the MOH (also Jessica) is fastening her dress. I love the high-contrast mixed with that little bit of motion blur... plus, Jessica is beaming.

Is she a doll or what? She had a long dress cut to tea length... just perfect for a spring garden wedding. And check out her shoes... Jess wore Jellies from high school. Too cute. I could've done an entire blog with just pics of her. I had to seriously weed it down.

I went over to check out the house last week and this crab apple was in full bloom. I wished and hoped all week that it would still be beautiful for the wedding. I couldn't have asked for it to be more perfect. The ground was covered with pink blossoms and if I shook the branches, petals rained down. I could not love this picture any more.

Lisa Foster did the flowers... so fabulous as always.

...and my ridiculously funny groomsmen. I pretty much just stood back and let them tell me what they were going to do. Its a miracle we were (relatively) injury free at the end of the day... seriously.

So, this is another favorite from the day... Jessica and her friends praying moments before the ceremony. So sweet... and not a dry eye in the room.

Can you believe this is in Will's parents backyard? Love it!!! His parents had 40 benches hand-made for people to sit on.

Such a sweet moment during the ceremony... And look at all that green!!!

I know this is a bit different for me, but for some reason I loved this shot... I love the blur, the sunflower in the back, the light in the front, but mostly I love Jes's smile.

Wedding parties gone bad....

Jessica totally wins the award for the most creative cake design. She came up with this all on her own and it was so cool! Sweet Celebrations in Maryville did such a great job with it... and so tasty too!

The reception was held in the backyard of a close family friend.... They have a gorgeous pool. Let me just say for the record how scary it is running around a pool with a bunch of camera equipment strapped to you.

And this... this is pure joy.

Jessica and Will, I love, love, love that you choose me to share your wedding... Thank You! I absolutely had a ball. Congrats!! Jennie

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These are GREAT!!! I love the apple blossom picture!

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