Monday, April 6, 2009

Jessica and Josh

Jessica and Josh must be living right! The forecast for their outside wedding was not just for rain, but for severe thunderstorms.... Thunderstorms that never showed. Yippee! Finally, a wedding without rain! Ok, so maybe a little sprinkle... just enough for the good luck thing to work.
They got married at Crescent Bend. Jessica is from Memphis and Josh from Indiana, so everyone was from out of town. That always makes for a fun wedding... almost like a reunion. One important person, however, couldn't be there... Jessica's brother. I love this first pic. He sent her a video to watch on the morning of the wedding. While all of her bridesmaids are busy primping, around the corner, Jes was engrossed in the video. Too sweet....

I love the room at Crescent Bend where the girls get ready, there are tons of mirrors and great light.

Jessica is such a classic beauty and her mermaid dress was fabulous.

And a bit edgier... love, love the dead vines...

Jessica's handsome groom and his NINE groomsmen! It was obvious Jessica and Josh have alot of really great friends.

So, we thought we'd be fighting the rain all day, but as it turns out, we were fighting the sun instead. So, I just used it to my advantage... This is one of my favorites of Jessica... she looks so radiant.

Look at that grin on Josh's face.

So, of course, where there are kids, there I will be with my camera... This guy absolutely hammed it up all day!!! He had these killer eyes. The folks laughing in the background had told him to shake his bootie... they didn't have to tell him twice!

While his little brother was still going strong on the dance floor...

Just Love It.

Jessica was an AOPi at UTK, so of course, Jessica and her sisters had to conduct a little AOPi ritual during the reception. This picture cracked me up! They were not about to go easy on her.

I had so much fun Jessica and Josh! Thank you, thank you for letting me be there.


Elizabeth said...

I think the sun turned out PERFECT!! These are SO fantastic. I know Jess is THRILLED.

Matt Pavel said...

great stuff jennie, ive been missing the blog for a while but i'm just getting caught up. love your work. if you ever need any help you give me a call ok!