Thursday, April 9, 2009

Honor Air Knoxville

So this post is a little something different, but I hope it makes your day. I spent last night at McGhee Tyson welcoming home a group of soldiers.... nope, not soldiers who have been off fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan... these guys did their fighting many, many years ago....
Honor Air Knoxville ( is a non-profit dedicated to sending Knoxville's WWII Vets to see the new WWII Memorial in Washington DC. They send 3-4 trips a year with about 125 vets in each trip. My grandfather was lucky enough to get to make that trip yesterday.
Honor Air asks families to turn out to welcome home their Veteran... you wouldn't believe the number of people who showed up! It was a spectacle to say the least! It was absolutely one of the coolest things I've gotten to do in a long time! People were lined up waving flags all the way down the airport. A real Hero's welcome.

My mom, aunt and Nana waiting for a glimpse of my grandfather through the crowd...

and my sweet Grandad... He's a total charmer, so I know he was eating up the attention!

If you'd like to make a donation to Honor Air, submit a candidate for travel, or just get some more info, just visit the website at

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ChrisB said...


I just want to thank you for posting this to your blog and have shared it with our facebook fans. The support of the community means the world to these veterans. When the plane lands and the veterans get to see all the people to welcome them back from their trip it means the world to them. Thank you attending and thank you for helping raise awareness of our program.

Chris Branson
HonorAir Knoxville