Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cowboy boots, Pick-up Trucks, Barns and Old Gas Stations

This has to be one of my favorite e-sessions of all time! Not only were Megan and Scott absolutely great to work with and totally adorable, we also had perfect weather, perfect lighting, and a totally rad location. I've ridden my bicycle past this old gas station on a country road east of town about 100 times, but since I've always been on the bike, I just never been able to photograph it... just poke around a bit. However, my husband and I were actually in the car coming home that way a few weeks ago, and I made him pull over to let me take some pics. Right then and there, I decided I had to do an e-session there. I had the perfect couple in mind. Megan and Scott had already set up an e-session for their wedding in June, and I asked if they'd be willing to do something a bit different. They were all for it! We started out in the fields across from the store because the sky was looking awesome and I was worried about the sun getting too bright. It ended up being perfect...

Scott was psyched about the old barn. You can see the front of the store in the left of this pic, but I love this cool old tree...

Then, we headed over to the gas station for some funkier stuff... I kinda have a thing for old gas stations... and this is definitely one of my favorites! It is actually still open for business during the week and on Saturdays.

The little old man who owns/runs the place is normally hanging out in this old chair on the porch...

So, one of the reasons this location was so, so perfect for these two is because Scott proposed to Megan in the back of his big ole' pick-up truck. You gotta love it!

...And getting a little more intimate. I love this pic... Megan has a great smile.

And finally, I had to throw in a shot of the ring... because it is GORGEOUS!!

What a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday morning. I so love my job on mornings like this one! Thanks guys and I can't wait til June.

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