Monday, April 20, 2009

Jessica and Will

Man, O, Man I had a fun weekend!!! I love a casual, fun, fun, fun backyard wedding. I don't think I quit laughing for five minutes the entire day. What more could a girl want... a gorgeous spring day in a perfect garden, a beautiful bride, 10 super-fun (and adorable) bridesmaids, and 12 ridiculously funny groomsmen (Will included)? NOTHING!!!

For some reason this is one of my favorites of the day... taken as the MOH (also Jessica) is fastening her dress. I love the high-contrast mixed with that little bit of motion blur... plus, Jessica is beaming.

Is she a doll or what? She had a long dress cut to tea length... just perfect for a spring garden wedding. And check out her shoes... Jess wore Jellies from high school. Too cute. I could've done an entire blog with just pics of her. I had to seriously weed it down.

I went over to check out the house last week and this crab apple was in full bloom. I wished and hoped all week that it would still be beautiful for the wedding. I couldn't have asked for it to be more perfect. The ground was covered with pink blossoms and if I shook the branches, petals rained down. I could not love this picture any more.

Lisa Foster did the flowers... so fabulous as always.

...and my ridiculously funny groomsmen. I pretty much just stood back and let them tell me what they were going to do. Its a miracle we were (relatively) injury free at the end of the day... seriously.

So, this is another favorite from the day... Jessica and her friends praying moments before the ceremony. So sweet... and not a dry eye in the room.

Can you believe this is in Will's parents backyard? Love it!!! His parents had 40 benches hand-made for people to sit on.

Such a sweet moment during the ceremony... And look at all that green!!!

I know this is a bit different for me, but for some reason I loved this shot... I love the blur, the sunflower in the back, the light in the front, but mostly I love Jes's smile.

Wedding parties gone bad....

Jessica totally wins the award for the most creative cake design. She came up with this all on her own and it was so cool! Sweet Celebrations in Maryville did such a great job with it... and so tasty too!

The reception was held in the backyard of a close family friend.... They have a gorgeous pool. Let me just say for the record how scary it is running around a pool with a bunch of camera equipment strapped to you.

And this... this is pure joy.

Jessica and Will, I love, love, love that you choose me to share your wedding... Thank You! I absolutely had a ball. Congrats!! Jennie

Friday, April 17, 2009

Kelly and William

So Happy, Happy, Happy that spring is here!! That means engagement sessions, weddings and seniors galore!!! Stay tuned cause its going to get a little crazy around here and there should be plenty of eye candy with photo updates at least once or twice a week! I'm shooting Kelly and William's wedding at Butterfly Gap in June and I am thrilled that we managed to sneak in an E-session. William is in school in Montana, so he is only here just for short holiday breaks.
We headed up to the mountains to start out and then finished up in downtown Maryville.

We basically spent the time in the mountains just running around in one of my favorite fields... I love this pic of Kelly throwing her head back laughing.

Any photo with great movement is high on my list. I just think movement captures joy in a way nothing else can...

Sometimes I just like to mess with people!! I told Kelly and William to get as close to kissing as possible without touching.... I just like to see how long folks will do what I'm asking no matter how hard... Giggling typically follows :)

We all know how much I love those shadows...

I had a blast Ya'll and can't wait to do it again so, so soon!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Honor Air Knoxville

So this post is a little something different, but I hope it makes your day. I spent last night at McGhee Tyson welcoming home a group of soldiers.... nope, not soldiers who have been off fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan... these guys did their fighting many, many years ago....
Honor Air Knoxville ( is a non-profit dedicated to sending Knoxville's WWII Vets to see the new WWII Memorial in Washington DC. They send 3-4 trips a year with about 125 vets in each trip. My grandfather was lucky enough to get to make that trip yesterday.
Honor Air asks families to turn out to welcome home their Veteran... you wouldn't believe the number of people who showed up! It was a spectacle to say the least! It was absolutely one of the coolest things I've gotten to do in a long time! People were lined up waving flags all the way down the airport. A real Hero's welcome.

My mom, aunt and Nana waiting for a glimpse of my grandfather through the crowd...

and my sweet Grandad... He's a total charmer, so I know he was eating up the attention!

If you'd like to make a donation to Honor Air, submit a candidate for travel, or just get some more info, just visit the website at

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cowboy boots, Pick-up Trucks, Barns and Old Gas Stations

This has to be one of my favorite e-sessions of all time! Not only were Megan and Scott absolutely great to work with and totally adorable, we also had perfect weather, perfect lighting, and a totally rad location. I've ridden my bicycle past this old gas station on a country road east of town about 100 times, but since I've always been on the bike, I just never been able to photograph it... just poke around a bit. However, my husband and I were actually in the car coming home that way a few weeks ago, and I made him pull over to let me take some pics. Right then and there, I decided I had to do an e-session there. I had the perfect couple in mind. Megan and Scott had already set up an e-session for their wedding in June, and I asked if they'd be willing to do something a bit different. They were all for it! We started out in the fields across from the store because the sky was looking awesome and I was worried about the sun getting too bright. It ended up being perfect...

Scott was psyched about the old barn. You can see the front of the store in the left of this pic, but I love this cool old tree...

Then, we headed over to the gas station for some funkier stuff... I kinda have a thing for old gas stations... and this is definitely one of my favorites! It is actually still open for business during the week and on Saturdays.

The little old man who owns/runs the place is normally hanging out in this old chair on the porch...

So, one of the reasons this location was so, so perfect for these two is because Scott proposed to Megan in the back of his big ole' pick-up truck. You gotta love it!

...And getting a little more intimate. I love this pic... Megan has a great smile.

And finally, I had to throw in a shot of the ring... because it is GORGEOUS!!

What a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday morning. I so love my job on mornings like this one! Thanks guys and I can't wait til June.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Jessica and Josh

Jessica and Josh must be living right! The forecast for their outside wedding was not just for rain, but for severe thunderstorms.... Thunderstorms that never showed. Yippee! Finally, a wedding without rain! Ok, so maybe a little sprinkle... just enough for the good luck thing to work.
They got married at Crescent Bend. Jessica is from Memphis and Josh from Indiana, so everyone was from out of town. That always makes for a fun wedding... almost like a reunion. One important person, however, couldn't be there... Jessica's brother. I love this first pic. He sent her a video to watch on the morning of the wedding. While all of her bridesmaids are busy primping, around the corner, Jes was engrossed in the video. Too sweet....

I love the room at Crescent Bend where the girls get ready, there are tons of mirrors and great light.

Jessica is such a classic beauty and her mermaid dress was fabulous.

And a bit edgier... love, love the dead vines...

Jessica's handsome groom and his NINE groomsmen! It was obvious Jessica and Josh have alot of really great friends.

So, we thought we'd be fighting the rain all day, but as it turns out, we were fighting the sun instead. So, I just used it to my advantage... This is one of my favorites of Jessica... she looks so radiant.

Look at that grin on Josh's face.

So, of course, where there are kids, there I will be with my camera... This guy absolutely hammed it up all day!!! He had these killer eyes. The folks laughing in the background had told him to shake his bootie... they didn't have to tell him twice!

While his little brother was still going strong on the dance floor...

Just Love It.

Jessica was an AOPi at UTK, so of course, Jessica and her sisters had to conduct a little AOPi ritual during the reception. This picture cracked me up! They were not about to go easy on her.

I had so much fun Jessica and Josh! Thank you, thank you for letting me be there.