Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brooke and Patrick Slideshow

So, I'm trying some different things here and practicing a new technique for putting together slideshows. I was inspired by my friend Andrew... He's been doing some really great work like this for some time for both commercial and personal use, but I thought I would give it a try. It is definitely not your everyday wedding slideshow. I think it does a much better (and way cooler) job of telling the story. Keep in mind that this is totally shot using stills and then pasting them together. Give it a look and let me know what you think! -Jennie


Matt Pavel said...

Sweetness. I love the stop motion effect! What program are you using to make these?

Jennie Andrews said...

just boring ole imovie. They look way better with final cut, but FCP is pretty much greek to me.