Monday, February 16, 2009

Brooke and Patrick

Update: I just posted the video for Brooke and Patrick!! Check it out at
You may recognize these two (and that fabulous window) from a blog back in the fall. Their wedding was such a perfect way to kick off the 2009 season. They were absolutely a photographer's dream... totally trusting and willing to do whatever crazy thing I had in mind.
Brooke is absolutely gorgeous and was great to shoot...

Brooke's cat, Raven, is the most photogenic cat ever... she was all about workin' it for the camera.

And Patrick moments before the ceremony... looking so cool and collected.

I love this laugh... you can see everyone in the background preparing to walk down the aisle and Brooke is laughing at friends who just arrived and had to sneak in. Carefree moments are sometimes hard to come by at weddings. This wedding had plenty, but I still really relish when I capture one.
I loved this moment... Her father looking down at her just as they opened the door to walk down the aisle.
...and just after the ceremony...

Goofing off is perhaps my favorite thing to do.

We stopped off in the old city for a couple fun shots
Brooke and Patrick were both distance runners for the University of Tennessee, so on the way to the reception we also stopped for a short jog at Tom Black Track where they spent ALOT of time during college.... While I have a ton of these shots with their faces visible, for some reason I Love, Love, Love this one with just their bodies.

Brooke with her mom and sisters. I had so much fun working with these guys.

Goodness knows how I love a good party! And this was a GOOD party! All those athletes in the house made for some pretty "technical" dance moves.

Check out how high this guy is... he had some major hops...

Thank you again Brooke and Patrick. I am so excited I got to be there for it all!


Matt Pavel said...

cool pics, they seem like a very fun couple to work with!

Jennie Andrews said...

Thanks Matt! It makes such a difference to have fun folks to work with.

Anonymous said...

When I saw the pictures of them in the church I gasped at how gorgeous it was. Where was there ceremony?