Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Megan and Steve

Hola all! I just realized what a slacker I have been with this blog lately... ok, so cut me a little bit of a break... my computer has been in the shop since just after Christmas and I am finally getting back with the program. I've felt so out of touch... and in the middle of the craziest time of the year. Christmas, getting ready for the bridal show and finishing up everything for 2008's brides all came together for a busy couple of weeks.
But, now I'm back in action with a wedding shot over Christmas.
Introducing Megan and Steve...
The day was absolutely beautiful!! I swear they could've gotten married outside and it would've been just fine... it was not like any December day I can remember.
Megan has some gorgeous eyes... I love this picture, she just looks so at ease and content...
here I go again with my artsy-fartsyness...
We set this up so Megan and Steve would have a special first glimpse of each other... this was taken seconds before Steve walked up the steps to see her for the first time in her dress. I always try to make this a special moment for any bride and groom. It'll only happen once.
... and immediately after they met...
I love this PJ shot of the flowergirls . They were running around the rec center just before the wedding. The room was super dark, so I had to snap the shot right as they were in front of the window for light.
I loved the ceremony location. It was at Broadway Baptist. The church had this kinda Frank Lloyd Wright Vibe a little bit. Check out those pipes...
I gotta say, this was one boogeyin' group! They invited Dave Landeo (www.landeo.com) to play the reception and he is SO MUCH FUN!
Megan and her dad gettin' down...way down.
And is there anything sweeter than a groom and a flower girl dancing? I think the movement in this picture is really great... it is one of my very favorites.
Megan and Steve decided to take a little dip to cool down after all that dancin'Congrats guys! I enjoyed it so much.


The Morgan 4 said...

I am a friend of the grooms Mom and just wanted to say fantastic pictures!!!

Megan said...

I can't explain to you how greatful we are to have had you as our photographer. You were and are amazing!!! I absolutely love the pictures on the blog. I can't wait to see the others. You are a very talented person. If anybody ever asks us about a photographer, you are definitely number one on our list!
Thank you so much,
Steve and Megan Mackey