Saturday, January 10, 2009

Heather and Greg

Heather and Greg's first date was at the Ice Skating rink on Market Square... so that's where we headed (of course!) for their engagement session. We got rained out about three times before we finally made it, but here they are!

First, we did a little "tour de downtown" and took a few shots here and there.
I LOVE this next one... anytime I am able to capture a smile this genuine, it makes me fall in love with my job all over again.

and getting a little funky with the sun...Then, on to the skating rink. Greg even laced her boots...
I love any shot with movement. Poor Heather and Greg had to stand there forever locking lips until I had the perfect moment with lots of skater around them... don't you feel bad for them?

The lighting in this alley was really cool... and the shot turned out exactly as I hoped.The Christmas lights were still up in Crutch Park... so we stopped by to take advantage of them.

They are getting married next May and I can't wait!

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Barbara said...

Linda, These are great, I bet you are really proud. They are a beautiful couple.