Monday, August 18, 2008

Alissa and Tom

Just a few pictures from Alissa and Tom's wedding at Whitestone Inn in Kingston, Tn. Alissa and Tom were total troopers despite the 9o degree afternoon. They decided to go ahead and have the wedding outside and I know they will be so happy that they did when they look back on this day.

Fun with flash...
Is she a beauty or what? Check out those baby blues...

Tom's mom checking out Alissa's gorgeous engagement ring.
I love me a big 'ole blue sky!

Such an emotion-filled day for Alissa and Tom. They were such a sweet couple so obviously in total love with each other.
The gorgeous Whitestone Farmhouse in the background...
Why can I not resist always throwing in a picture of someone (typically a groomsman I must add) looking a bit ridiculous on the dance floor?
After everyone else left, my assistant and I hung around and had fun with fireworks! How cool is this. It only took us about 12 tries to get it right.

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